Premium Hemp Flower – Strain: Lifter-Lift Gift
Premium Hemp Flower – Strain: Lifter-Lift Gift

Premium Flower – Strain - Lifter

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Highland Pharms continues to bring you the very best Hemp Flower.

Available in 3.5grams or 7.0grams.

The lifter strain is good for those seeking the natural effects of Hemp, generally considered to be slight relaxation of the mind and body, but with a slightly “lifting” or energizing effect, so you’re not overly sleepy or groggy.  The aroma is slightly sweet with a somewhat full or rich flavor.

Each package is hand filled to assure you the very best in quality.  And, each package includes a Boveda tab for humidity control to ensure freshness.

These beautiful flowers are very aromatic and are prized by many.  You will be tearing into the package just as soon as you receive them!

Grown in the U.S. and are grown by organic growing means for cleanliness and purity.

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